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Welcome to the White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau.

White Lake Association

PO Box 151
Robert Smart, President
Main Phone: 616-403-2736
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White Lake Association (WLA) is a non-profit association involved in preserving the natural amenities of White Lake.

The White Lake Association (WLA) is comprised of hundreds of area residents who care deeply about White Lake. Our members support WLA activities and actions that preserve the natural amenities of the lake, as well as the public trust.

White Lake is defined geologically as a “drowned river mouth.” The lake extends 5.1 miles from the mouth of White River to the point at which it flows into Lake Michigan. It covers 4 square miles and encompasses 2571 acres. White Lake is known for its scenic beauty, sailing, boating, wildlife and year around fishing. It is a popular tourist destination and summer residence for many.

The White Lake Association is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of White Lake for the health of its residents and its fish and wildlife through monitoring and education.