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Welcome to the White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau.

Mylan’s Waterfront Grille

115 N. Mears Street
Myles and Landon Montgomery
Main Phone: 231-894-0946
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Where you go for the VIEW, the CREW, and to try something NEW! This lakeview restaurant is truly a hidden gem nestled in the heart of downtown Whitehall. Vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients are no stranger to their diverse menu. With fresh seafood, hardy pastas, melt in your mouth steaks and much more, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.  Experience one of a kind handcrafted cocktails on the wrap around deck. The deck is the perfect spot to soak up all of White Lake’s beauty at its finest.

The proud local owners of Mylan’s Waterfront Grille, Myles and Landon Montgomery, opened Mylan’s when they were 22 and 20 respectively. The conjoining of their first names was how Mylan’s was born. This waterfront restaurant boasts its young and diverse management team that allows young people within the industry to achieve management and leadership roles based on skill not age. Their unique approach to leadership throughout the restaurant allows for creative and modern approaches to all aspects of the Mylan’s experience.

Come see what the Mylan’s experience is all about today!